Have Your Cake and Eat It – Call for Submissions



Art Party- The George Tavern- 21st August 2010

“Each of us is born with a box of matches inside us but we can’t strike them all by ourselves”
Laura Esquivel

Have a chance to exhibit with Storm in a Tea Cup and Diy Womp by following the recipe below!


•    Take one influential woman from your past/present/future – this could be anyone from your granny, to a famous actress, a singer, poet or even a bag lady.
•    Generate an artistic response based on your inspirational woman.
•    Create using a medium of your choice, this can be anything from photography, illustration and design to painting and collage.
•    Add a splash of poetry, or inspirational writing if required!
•    A generous helping of imagination.

Method: (HOW TO APPLY)
•    Work must be wall based and no larger than 100 x 100 cm
•    To apply please send a jpeg (maximum 1MB) of your work to the email address below along with the following information:
1.    Name
2.    Email address, Tel No, Hometown
3.    Age
4.    Dimensions of work
5.    How your work is mounted
6.    A brief description of your submission, approx 200 words
•    Entries must be received no later than 4th August
•    Artists chosen to exhibit will then be contacted and asked to supply Artwork by 14th August to an address specified. (You will be given this address when contacted by us!)


Enquiries and submissions to:  Haveyourcakeandeatit2010@gmail.com

Ellie Green

Storm in a Teacup

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