Postcard Project | Ladyfest Ten Art | Call for Submissions

Calling all female Artists!

The wonderful Ellie Green from Storm in a Teacup has been busy helping to organise this fantastic art submissions project for Ladyfest Ten festival.

Ladyfest Ten Postcard Project:

AIM: Global outreach to emerging artists// Ladyfest Ten visual art participants

CONCEPT: to encourage global participation in the London Ladyfest Ten festival, using high speed communication methods, with work returning to us via nostalgic routes.

The Ladyfest Ten post-card project invites you on a journey back through time to the nostalgic physical postal era. Reaching out via high speed internet connections, as far-reaching globally as possible, we hope to invite ladies (and gentlemen) from across the world to participate in the Ladyfest Ten exhibition in November 2010. With this project, the journey is AS important as the destination and we hope that the postcard project will demonstrate just how fa, globally, the Ladyfest concept has reached.

Chosen work will be featured at the Ladyfest Ten General Exhibition in November 2010.

What you have to do:

The theme for the Ladyfest Ten postcard project is:


As well as being the roman numeral for Ten, it is also the kiss sign and in Norse mythology is the letter for GIFT.

The work you produce for this could be:

Text Based
Graphic design

Or the medium of your choice, as long as it conforms to the traditional post-card size and fits through our letter box! So all you need to do now is come up with your response, stick a stamp on it and post it to us no later than the 15th October 2010.

Post to:

Art@ Ladyfest ten
c/o Ellie Green
81A Woodstock Road
N4 3EU


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