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Dear Teacups,

Happy New Year to you all! While the teacups gear up to announce some exciting events and collaborations for 2011, some of our lovely friends have been organising some treats for January!

First up we help launch the KILL YOUR IDOLS night on Friday 28th of January, and we are especially excited about this as we get to re-live Saturday night at Ladyfest Ten again with two awesome female fronted bands: Hysterical Injury and Severin! With DJ’s Verity Flecknell from Storm in a Teacup at one of our favourite venues : The Victoria, Mile End.

Also coming up For Books Sake present : Women poets and the Poetry Library on Monday the 17th of January @ The Southbank centre . Explore the Valentine Ackland collection from 6.30pm at the Poetry library.

Fans of the very popular Swallows and Amazons life drawing classes will be excited to hear about the re-launch : ART IS DEAD starting on the 11th of January at the same venue ; the Victoria in Mile End its promised to have more theatricality and curiosity than ever before.

Exciting news about the Storm in a Teacup zine Issue 2 : After the success of our first edition, the latest edition of the SIATC zine is cut, pasted and poised to be sent to the photocopier. Featuring contributions from super talented female writers, illustrators, and DIY collaborators, the zine will be out in late February –see our next update for details of how to get your hands on a copy

GET INVOLVED: There are lots of ways you can get involved with Storm in a Teacup, we are always on the look-out for new ideas, collaborations, organisers, artists, zine makers, so please get in touch and look out on our website and facebook for news about our OPEN MEETING in February.

Please visit our blog site to find out how to get involved in the collective and to keep up with the latest news.

And just in case you missed this on the last update; check out all the awesome Ladyfest Ten festival pictures published by The Girls Are… Cast your eyes towards this feast of female creativity:

Ladyfest Ten Festival Images

Art @ Ladyfest Ten –

Friday Music @ Ladyfest Ten:

Saturday Music @ Ladyfest Ten:

Sunday Music @ Ladyfest Ten:

Ladygarden @ Ladyfest Ten :


11 January | ART IS DEAD| Life Drawing Class @ The Victoria, Mile End. 20.00pm – 10.00pm. £8.00 to draw.


17 January | FOR BOOKS SAKE presents; Women Poets at the Poetry Library. 6.30pm @ The Poetry Library, Soutbank Centre


28 January | SIATC DJ @ KILL YOUR IDOLS launch night | LIVE: Hysterical Injury & Severin @ The Victoria, Mile End. 20.00pm-1.00am. £4.00


Over and out,

Verity Flecknell

Storm in a Teacup

Female Arts Collective

SIATC DJ @ Kill Yr Idols

Kill Yr Idols is a mission and this is the first night- taking place on January 28th at The Victoria in Mile End.

Live are Bath duo The Hysterical Injury, who are taking a short break from recording their debut album to show their noise pop brilliance in its full glory.

Chaotic noise electronica newcomers SEVERIN support following their debut at The Garage’s Ladyfest Ten Festival back in November.

You can also expect the best in cutting edge music, electronica, punk, psychedelic and pop on the dancefloor and some surprises courtesy of Kill Yr Idols DJs plus:

Verity Flecknell from Storm in a Teacup.



Get tickets here:

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Be part of the revolution.

28 Januany 2011 @The Victoria
110 Grove Road
E3 5TH
8pm- 1am