Eff Off Heff | Protest against Playboy Club Opening in London

A new Playboy club is opening in Mayfair, London on June 4th 2011.

Playboy is a multi-million pound, multi-national porn empire which makes its money out of exploiting and degrading women.

It markets its brand to children through playboy pencil cases and bed covers, and it grooms young girls into porn culture.

In its clubs women are objectified and sexualised as fluffy animals who are marketed as sexual playthings for wealthy men.

The notorious Hugh Hefner will be at the launch of the new London club.

This is our chance to make our voices heard and to tell him what we think.

Join OBJECT (www.object.org.uk) and UK Feminista (www.ukfeminista.org.uk) to protest against the launch of the new London Playboy club.

Join as we shout:

‘Eff Off Hef – stop degrading women!’

FACEBOOK EVENT: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=110848702337390

Kat Banyard, Director of UK Feminista, said:

“When it comes to today’s pornography industry, all roads lead back to Playboy. It was Hugh Hefner who laid the political and cultural groundwork for the brutal, violently misogynistic pornography that now floods society. But sadly for Hefner, you can’t trademark sexism, and Playboy’s retro brand of ‘gentleman’s porn’ can no longer compete with the extreme degradation of modern internet pornography. Hence we see this endless diversification into nightclubs, video games, clothing and even children’s stationary.

“But whatever product Playboy stamps its logo on, the basic brand concept is the same: woman reduced to sex object for man’s sexual satisfaction – and Playboy’s financial gain. Naturally Playboy Club London embodies this brand, offering champagne and sexism. So Eff off, Hef. And take your club with you.”

 Anna van Heeswijk, Campaigns Manager of OBJECT, said:

“Far from a symbol of sophistication and class, the opening of a new Playboy club in London signifies a worrying step backwards in the quest for equality between the sexes. It entrenches the legitimacy of a porn empire which makes its fortune out of degrading women as fluffy animals who exist as sexual playthings for wealthy men. It opens the floodgates ever wider to the pornification of our popular culture. And it serves to embed further a porn emblem which insidiously grooms girls into accepting and embracing sex object culture by marketing its brand to children through playboy pencil cases and bed covers.”

“It is time to cut through the crap of the Playboy PR machine. Sexualising and objectifying women as bunny rabbits is not sexy and it is not empowering. It is sexist, and everyone knows it. This is why hundreds of women and men across the country are signing up to the OBJECT and UK Feminista campaign to object to the opening of the new Playboy club. Our message is clear –  ‘Eff off Hef and stop degrading women!’”
– To become a member of OBJECT: www.object.org.uk/become-a-member
– To sign up to UK Feminista go to www.ukfeminista.org.uk/take-action/sign-up

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  1. i met with demonstrators today in Mayfair. they were highly engaging; i wrote an article here:

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