SIATC performances @ RUMPUS Vol.5 ||1st Birthday Party!

Kittens & Creatures!

You are hereby invited to Rumpus’ Very First Birthday Party!

*Featuring Verity Flecknell from Storm in a Teacup playing a blues set in the Ho-Down barn and leading the RUMPUS Kazoo orchestra in the Courtyard*

What a year we’ve had: a wonderful birth, a few teething problems here and there, but always a constant stream of exceptional parties, exceptional bands, exceptional DJs and exceptional performances. And now, our little creature is growing up fast. Already he’s scampering around, baring his fangs and shaking his tail, growling ferociously that it’s time for another party.

We’re going all out on this one. We’ve called in Alejandro Toledo and the Magic Tombolinos, which is about as high octane as any live band can get without setting themselves on fire. We’ve got the Cut A Shine guys for a proper Old Skool Ceilidh with dosie dos and stripping the willow and all that kinda jazz. We’ve got a Hoe Down, with a whole night of bluegrass that’ll keep you stomping. The London Digital Circus, them guys what did that thing with the Rabbits, are back – but no Rabbits this time (coz it was a bit scary and I couldn’t sleep afterwards).

On top of all that we’ve got the Supatronix guys coming down to give you a whole night’s worth of sublime breaks and beats. These guys have been winning awards for years for their breakbeat night, and they’re coming out to play with us this time.

And of course, we’ve got 6 rooms filled to the brim. DJs playing the best in Ska, BalaknBeats, Electroswing, DnB, Dubstep. Live acts and secret performances waiting for you to find them. Art exhibitions and the Rumpus Cinema.

And, most importantly of all, CAKE!!!

Put yer glad rags on and come join us for the Birthday Party to end all Birthday Parties. Expect Clowns, Fairy Princesses, Cowboys, Pirates, Monsters, Wild Creatures and Cuddly Creatures.

Full info:

Come in costume, bring a Birthday Card for Rumpus or bring some cake to share for a discount on the door!


Room 1 – Birthday Shenanigans
The undisputed King of Cabaret, Des O’Connor, is going to sit you down for the greatest Birthday party there ever was!

Alejandro Toledo & The Magic Tombolinos – As high-octane as a band can be without setting themselves on fire
Special Guests –Rowdy FolkPunk from rowdy punk folk.
Dutty Moonshine – 1930’s swing remixed for today’s dance generation
DJ Shefitza – The original Balkan girl (Kokolo London)
ZEJ – A Drum n Bass set so live it’ll turn round and bite you
Dr Malaka – recently voted “the Dean Martin of the Balkan scene”

Room 2 – Supatronix
The Gods of Breakbeat have come out to play with the Rumpus creatures!

Jurassik (Supatronix Records)
Codec (Supatronix Records)
Country Cockney (Supafunk)
Blank Canvaz

Room 3 – Shake Yo Rump Ass!!!
Because you deserve another stage!

Planetman (little blue ball) – a good-time DJb who’lll have thel crowd up on its feet, shoes kicked off and toes dancing!
Barking Bateria – Thunderously live samba
Spanner Jazz Punks – An unhinged troupe of ne’er-do-wells armed to the teeth with horns, accordion, recorders, zither, violin, and bleating goats.
The Cut A Shine Ceilidh – Spreading Barn Dance mayhem with a right stonking knees up

Room 4 – The Hoe Down Barn
Showcasing art from some today’s most exciting artists, along to a live Old Time soundtrack

Kidnap Alice – Reinventing Bluegrass into Soulgrass, and keeping you on your feet all night long
Clapton Metrople – Providing you with the most private cocktail experience there ever was

Room 5 – The Courtyard
The London Digital Circus – They used to be Rubbish, then they were Rabbits, but they’ve always been AWESOME
The Rumpus Kazoo Orchestra – BRING YOUR KAZOO!!!
DJ The Alchemist – A marathon session of nothing but the finest sounds
The Pixelrat – Crawling out of his mousehole to bring you a cornucopia of vintage games
Tripsies – Don’t let them touch you – you’ll catch spots!
Max Grant – Walkabout Sax for the soul

Happy Hook Freaks – Mad Alan, Iestyn and Delphin are coming out to play, and someone’s given them hooks…

Room 6 – The Rumpus Cinema
The Cult of the Cubicle invite you to pray to the big screen, with ritual sacrifices of the finest cinematic offerings. No Kool Aid necessary.



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