Open Submissions : Your Stories about Smoking @ Latitude Festival

Open Submissions : Your Stories about Smoking @ Latitude Festival

YARN is off to Latitude! You can join us there to see a very special presentation of Stuart Evers’ debut short story collection “Ten Stories About Smoking” where Verity Flecknell from Storm in a Teacup c0llective will be performing her re-worked Johnny Cash songs.  More info on our recent blog post here.

BUT! You can join in now!

Smoking. It’s something we’ve all got an opinion on.

We’d love YOU to submit your own stories and illustrations about smoking for a limited edition book that will be designed by Jo Spencer from Soupa Creative Network Live on stage at Latitude.

Upload anything you want – stories, pics, illustrations, – to be included.

More about the event:
Yarn are doing a 1 hour set on the friday evening in the literary arena at 10.30pm based around Stuart Evers book 10 stories about smoking.

We are presenting 4 performers – music and spoken word. Including Verity Flecknell from Storm in a Teacup collective.

Jo will be making a visual book throughout the hour live on stage to record the ‘experience’ of the set, stories and the audience will be invited to contribute their opinions, drawings, experiences to the book. The screen behind the performers will show Jo’s laptop screen and the putting together/designing bit of the book.


If you have any images/illustrations/written work related to smoking in some way.. they don’t have to be specifically of smoking… you can read the 10 stories and produce a piece which is a representation of one of the stories or part of the story… that would be amazing.

If you do supply us with something your work will feature on the big screen in front of 700+ people at the festival and also in the book which will be published after the event. You will be fully credited of course.

To submit work please post to the wall on the facebook event (link above and below) with an image/text etc with your name

Oh and if you happen to be coming to the festival come and say hello.

Deadline – the end of the event which will be 11.30pm on Friday 15th July 2011.

Our Latitude page:

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