Underwire Festival 2011 || Open for Submissions!

Cinematography Award winner 2010 “Sis” Gabi Norland
UnderWire Festival 2011 has opened for submissions!UnderWire Festival 2011 has opened for submissions! Launching in 2010, UnderWire was set up as a short film festival for women to showcase their cinematic talents across all crafts. The fact remains that women still make up a small proportion of film creatives, andUnderWire looks to recognise the best short work made by women across a range of key production roles. With awards for Best Director, Best Producer, Best Writer, Best Editor, Best Cinematographer, Best Composer and Best Film Journalist, the festival hopes to move us towards a more gender balanced industry. There is also the XX Award which is open to both female and male directors whose films have interesting female characters at their centre. This, UnderWire believes, will benefit everyone by creating a diversity of perspectives, stories and experiences for audiences.

The festival accepts work of different genres including drama, animation, documentary, music video and artist film and the submission deadline is 16 October 2011.

Full details can be found at www.underwirefestival.com

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