UK Feminista Protest | MUFF MARCH

Saturday 10th December, 11.30 am Harley Street, London

Tired of cosmetic surgeons profiting from body hatred? Want to speak out against a porn culture that is driving more and more women to the surgeon’s table to get a ‘designer vagina’? Then join the Muff March! #muffmarch


The number of women getting ‘designer vagina’ surgery is on the rise:> Between 2007- 2008 there was a 70% increase in the number of labiaplasty operations carried out by the NHS
> In 2010 the Harley Medical Group received more than 5,000 inquiries about cosmetic gynaecology, 65% of them for labial reduction, the rest for tightening and reshaping

The increase in vaginal cosmetic surgery is being driven in large part by the ‘pornfication’ of culture and the beauty ideals peddled by the porn industry.

On Saturday 10th December we’ll be donning a muff and marching down Harley Street – famed for its cosmetic surgeons. Marchers will be speaking out against surgeons profiting from body hatred and raising awareness about the growing pressures on women to seek labiaplasty. We’ll also be drawing attention to the fact that demand for cosmetic surgery increases over the Christmas period:

And we’ll be staging a synchronised muff dance…. 😉

WHY ‘MUFFS’? We’ve taken inspiration from the Muffia – a fantastic feminist performance artist group: Proudly wearing ‘muffs’ is also a challenge to the porn norm of women having to remove their pubic hair.


Here are some slogan’s to get things rolling. Have you got any more suggestions?
– Keep your mits off our muffs
– I love my vagina
– A labia is for life, not just for xmas
– You’ve put my chuff in a huff


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