East London Fawcett Group NEED YOU! | Next installment of the ART AUDIT


Museums keep them locked in the basement, in storage, out of sight. Guerrilla Girls: reinventing the “f” word

Join the campaign to demonstrate the truth about representation of female artists across London’s galleries.

Participate in the Great East London Art Audit! Now is the time for action!

Which date are you available to participate in a group Audit of London’s galleries?

Saturday 14 April

Saturday 21 April

Saturday 5 May

Saturday 12 May

Action points: If you can help with any of the below then please get in touch!


o Design the gallery tour

o Attend the gallery tour

o Volunteer to manage the data

o Create a website/blog to monitor the results (free software available)


o Create badges reading: ‘I am a woman // I am an artist’

o Design flyers

o Handout flyers/distribute e-flyers

o Online campaign


o Volunteer to draft press releases

o Volunteer to contact (i.e. HOUND) the press

o Volunteer to create promo videos

o Volunteer to photograph auditors

If you want to be involved there is a role for YOU.

Get in touch to help out and confirm which date you can join the Group Art Audit.

Time for gender reassignment in London’s galleries!


Gallery Tour 1
Saturday 21 April
2 pm – Facing You exhibition, Long White Cloud (Café), 151 Hackney Road, E2 8JL
Meet us at 2 pm in Long White Cloud Café where everyone can grab a coffee and the tour will kick off with a short talk from the co-curator of Facing You, an exhibition of queer photography in association with Fringe! – Gay Film Fest.

Gallery Tour 2
Saturday 12 May
2 pm – Tate Modern

More details to follow.

CONTACT: eastlondonfawcett@gmail.com

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/groups/eastlondonfawcett/

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