‘March’ solo show by Bex Massey || 5 – 14 October

Storm in a Teacup highly recommends Bex Massey’s solo exhibition, Bex was one of the founders of VV collective, set up with the aim of supporting and promoting female visual fine artists.

‘March’ a solo show by Bex Massey

Private View: 6-9pm First Thursdays, 4th October

Bex Massey’s professional practice stems from an overtly figurative use of graphite and oils.  She is represented by Degree Art, has exhibited internationally and this will be her first solo show in the UK.

Massey’s work is based on current affairs, social issues and the way in which they are documented in the Media.  ‘At present we are bombarded with so much unfiltered information that crucial issues are often overlooked. Likewise, we view such a plethora of depressing imagery and shock tactic headlines-we have become almost dehumanised to an individual’s tragedy.  With such a volume of statistics and crude data being continuously thrown at us-is it just easier to overlook the harsh reality of the facts?  Too frequently we are told what to think, feel and do.’ (Massey:  2011)

Journalism and its manipulative impact on the psyche of the general public have long been a line of questioning in her work.  In light of recent developments in Media representation and the imminent verdict of the Leveson enquiry; the way in which news is collected and reported will change irrevocably. This series of work aims to document journalism in its current status.  As part of her residency at Central Foundation Girls School, she collated a body of work based on Media imagery throughout the month of March.  This ‘drawing a day’ project became the basis for large scale paintings, installation and collage.  Massey’s mismatching of imagery and text, coupled with scale and peculiar portrait crops, creates alternative headlines enabling the viewer to become the editor.

Show runs: 12-6pm, Thursday-Sunday (5th– 14th October)

5-9 Amhurst Terrace, Hackney, E8 2BT

MORE INFO: http://bexmassey.com

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