OBJECT Against Page 3 || Protest @ News International

On November 17th at 12pm, along with the Turn Your Back on Page 3 campaign and other feminist groups, we’ll be marking the anniversary of Page 3 with a protest outside News International HQ calling for an end to sexist misrepresentations of women in our press.

These Page 3-type portrayals of women would not be broadcast on TV, and they are prohibited from the workplace because they are considered a form of sexual harassment. Yet, in a situation unusual to the UK, newspapers are free to print these discriminatory images on a daily basis.

We object!

Along with other women’s organisations, OBJECT gave evidence to the Leveson Inquiry calling for an end to this form of institutional sexism. Now is our chance to join together and take to the streets to call for an end to Page 3, and to make the links between the sexual objectification of women in our press and the unequal and discriminatory ways in which women and girls are viewed and treated in our society.

Join us to challenge media sexism, and to call for an end to the Page 3 portrayal of women!


For feminists in London: Join us at News International HQ on November 17th at 12pm, ready to make a lot of noise and to demand an end to the discrimination of women in our press.

What to bring: Bring a white T.shirt and a marker pen, and write your personal message against Page 3 and the culture it promotes. If you want an OBJECT T shirt to wear on the day, you can buy them here: http://tinyurl.com/cn65j5f, and you can always write on a bit of paper which you safety pin to your T Shirt if you want to preserve the shirt! Please also bring banners and placards with your anti-sexism slogans, as well as musical instruments and a readiness to sing and chant!

For all feminists across the country:

– Take photos of where you see Page 3 images (on the bus, on the tube, in a cafe, on a park bench, on the front page of The Sport, The Sun or The Star in your local newsagent or supermarket) and tweet them to @objectupdate #NowhereFreeFromPage3 (try and get the context in the photo as best as you can).
– Tell us why you object to Page 3 – tweet @objectupdate #IObject2Page3 or email campaigns@object.org.uk
– Send your MP the OBJECT/Turn Your Back on Page 3 evidence to the Leveson Inquiry asking for support, and email any responses to campaigns@object.org.uk
– Email the Leveson Inquiry at generalenquiries@levesoninquiry.org.uk asking that the issue of the portrayal of women in the press, and of prejudicial reporting of violence against women and girls, is addressed in their recommendations – you can refer them to the joint submission by OBJECT, Eaves, Equality Now and the End Violence Against Women Coalition.

Also, as well as the protest at News International HQ, it would be great if November 17th marked a national day of action against media sexism. If you are up for planning a local action (big or small) please post details and share suggestions, and remember to take lots of photos! And, feel free to email campaigns@object.org.uk for ideas and support.

We look forward to joining with all of you who want to see an end to this sexist portrayal of women in the press:

‘Turn your back on Page 3, stand up to misogyny!’

OBJECT WEBSITE: http://www.object.org.uk/

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