Yeastie Girls’ exhibition and call for submissions @ Cultivate, Vyner Street


YestieGirls_Flyer2YEASTIE GIRLS’ – a group show curated by CULTIVATE VYNER STREET


‘That girl thinks she’s the queen of the neighborhood. I got news for you, she is!’ (Bikini Kill ‘Rebel Girl’)

The YEASTIE GIRLS show re-visits the ethos of ‘Riot Grrrl’ – the
underground feminist punk rock movement that took place in early
nineties west coast America.

The show aims to bring together today’s riot grrrl inspired creativity;
art, music, writing, zines……. Is riot grrrl still relevant 20 years
on? Are women now more empowered and supportive of one another?

The 90s riot grrrl movement allowed women their own creative space to make political statements about the issues they were facing in the
male oriented punk rock community, as well as in society; to express
their views on issues such as rape, domestic abuse, sexuality, and
female empowerment. As Tobi Vail (drummer with Bikini Kill) said, the
purpose of the Riot Grrrls was to fight against the things that kept
women divided, to start a discourse and to give importance to women and the things that they do.

So, has anything changed in the last 20s years? What issues should we be addressing now? Can we still make our voices heard? What form does Riot Grrrl creativity take in 2013?

We will be inviting artists to take part, but would love to hear
from ARTISTS, MUSICIANS, ZINE MAKERS, ART COLLECTIVES etc. who want to get involved; please CONTACT US with your ideas. All ideas are welcomed…….and no, you don’t have to be female, it’s open to everyone

– “We’re not anti-boy, we’re pro-girl” (Molly Neuman, Bratmobile)

For more info or ot get involved contact Emma at Cultivate via the usual e.mail address

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