UK Feminista Summer School 2013


UK Feminista Summer School 2013
Organise for a world without sexism

Date: 17-18 August
Location: Birmingham

Join hundreds of people from across the UK for a unique weekend of hands-on training in taking action for gender equality.

Summer School 2013 is open to all, and is perfect for seasoned campaigners and new feminists alike. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, skills or solidarity, this event is for you!


Everyday Sexism Project * Southall Black Sisters * No More Page 3
UK Uncut * Imkaan * Women for Refugee Women
South Asia Solidarity Group * Women’s Networking Hub

Learn how to:
Plan creative protests * Hit the headlines * Do Non-Violent Direct Action * Run winning campaigns * Set up a powerful feminist group
And much more…


Summer School 2013 provides an opportunity for people to share skills and gain confidence in taking effective action for a feminist future. It aims to draw on the rich diversity and history of feminist activism and recognises the importance of organising in solidarity with other social justice movements


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