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Let’s Start a Pussy Riot launch 100 Days of Activism

100 Days of Activism

Let’s Start a Pussy Riot  collective (including Verity Flecknell from Storm in a Teacup) are just about to launch a new social media campaign “100 Days of Activism”-  please keep your eyes peeled for more info on our facebook page and twitter account.

Last year we launched and published “Let’s Start a Pussy Riot” book, a collaborative project bringing together voices from across the arts and generations in support of Russian punk collective; Pussy Riot. Later in the year and early this year we toured Universities across the UK delivering talks to students about Pussy Riot, Russia, the state and Orthodox church and issues that we cover in our book like LGBT rights, freedom of speech and collective activism.  One thing we took away from the tour was that students were reluctant to call themselves activists. We decided to start a new social media campaign to encourage others to find their own definitions of activism. 100 Days of Activism aims to explore what it means to be an activist. We will be looking at activists from across the globe and posting inspirational interviews and stories. We need you to help us – please send your responses on whatever issues spark your fire and how you choose to engage – whether it’s artistic, protest, slogans, banners, subversive, internet based or physical. We all have the potential to change the world.

Please send submissions to:

Storm in a Teacup will be reposting all the 100 Days content – but please also check out Let’s Start a Pussy Riot facebook page, and the 100 Days of Activism twitter and tumblr to keep up with all the action.









Dear Teacups,

Verity Flecknell from Storm in a Teacup here – I have only just last week got involved with a inspirational and important campaign supporting Barb Webb, a teacher who was fired from Marian High School, Michigan USA. Barb was a well-loved teacher at the school and was forced to resign when she asked for maternity leave so she could start a family with her female partner.

There has been an outpouring of support from students, teachers, parents, alumni, and of course the general public. The petition has got over 35,000 signatures and the story has gone national – I am hoping it will go international too. That’s where I need your help – please share the petition and spread the word. We have had some amazing press in the US from the Washington Post, Jezebel and Huffington Post – please see the links below.

I got involved in this campaign because as lesbian and a feminist these issues are incredibly important. This story is particularly special because most people that are helping to raise awareness and stand up in support of Barb Webb are heterosexual, Christian allies.

I stand with Barb Webb because this is an injustice that we can no longer afford to ignore in our progressive society. As governments and laws are built to allow same-sex marriage, society and the Church will also need to adjust their views on families and gay parenting – this is new moral ground and change is inevitable. The school still hasn’t made a public statement, and we ultimately would like to help the alumni fund a diversity club at the school. Human rights are too important and it’s  encouraging  to see the overwhelming support for Barb Webb. Please share the petition and spread the word!



Over and Out,

Verity Flecknell                                                                                                             Storm in a Teacup