About Us

STORM IN A TEACUP is a London-based collective set up with the aim of promoting women in the arts.

Fed up with finding no platform for our amazingly talented female musician, writer, poet, artist and illustrator friends we decided to do something about it.

Following the successful launch of our zine and clubnight we want to spread the word and get as many people as we can to join our group. So whether you want to play a gig at one of our events, write for the fanzine or just want to meet like-minded people, then join our group and get in touch.

In 2010 STORM IN A TEACUP helped to programme LADYFEST TEN festival celebrating 10 years of the feminist arts DIY subculture with a 3 day festival of music and arts. In 2011 STORM IN A TEACUP were invited to be a part of the first ever Women of the World Festival at the Southbank Centre and created a limited edition commemorative Zine. SIATC were digital advocates for the 2012 festival.

Since 2011 STORM IN A TEACUP have also actively supported East London Fawcett Group and their campaigns.

In 2012 Storm in a Teacup joined together with two other collectives; Girls Get Busy & Not So Popular to start a super collective; LETS START A PUSSY RIOT in order to fund raise and raise awareness about jailed Russian punk band PUSSY RIOT. The LETS START A PUSSY RIOT

In 2012 Storm in a Teacup joined forces with Girls Get Busy zine and Not So Popular to form Lets Start a Pussy Riot collective. In June this year, Rough Trade Records published “Lets Start a Pussy Riot” book, a collection of artistic responses created in collaboration with Pussy Riot. Storm in a Teacup also publishes monthly feminist event listings happening around London.

Storm in a Teacup are currently organising a University tour for the Let’s Start a Pussy Riot book published by Rough Trade Records.

8 responses to “About Us

  1. I would like to join your website

  2. Cordelia Galloway

    I would like to join your website too!

  3. Cordelia Galloway

    I would like to join your website too!

    I’m a feminist playwright.

    Many thanks


  4. Hi there, I was wondering if there’s any chance to be involved in your group. Come and see what you do.It would be great..Let me know please,
    Many Thanks


    • Hi Loredana,

      You are very welcome to email me directly on: storminateacup2009@gmail.com and let me know where your interests lie; ie…what kind of art form or what skills you have and I can see if we can work together or if I can point you in the right direction to other feminist art groups 🙂 Will be happy to help!


      Storm in a Teacup

  5. Hi i would love to get involved and help out also!!!

  6. Hi there i would love to get involved also!


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